Old-Growth Forest Maps

Bakers Top Ten Old-Growth Sites in Wisconsin


  1. Cathedral Pines SNA, CNNF, Oconto County


Menominee Reservation, Menominee County


Outer Island, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Ashland County


Franklin and Butternut Lakes SNA, CNNF, Forest County


Plum Lake Hemlock Forest SNA, NHAL State Forest, Vilas County


Guido Rahr Sr. Tenderfoot Forest, The Nature Conservancy, Vilas County


Patterson Hemlocks SNA, Oneida County


Frog Lake and Pines SNA, NHAL State Forest, Iron County


Scott Lake and Shelp Lake SNA, CNNF, Forest County


Drummond Woods SNA, CNNF, Bayfield County


Moose Lake SNA, Iron County